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smarrr chamois cream jar

chamois cream

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designed for
long-distance cycling

SMARRR is an innovative cream that forms a perfectly protective occlusive layer on the skin, preventing skin damage. This allows you to feel confident even in the toughest conditions.

Effective Skin Protection
Reduced Friction

Thanks to its special formula, SMARRR cream increases glide and reduces friction, making riding more comfortable and less irritation of the skin.

Moisturising and soothing effect

The cream has an intensely moisturising and soothing effect, which translates into the elimination of irritation and discomfort.

Thanks to its restorative and strengthening substances, SMARRR cream promotes skin regeneration and rebuilds the skin's natural lipid barrier, protecting it from harmful external factors.

Skin Restoration and Strengthening
Long-lasting Feelings of Protection and Comfort

The SMARRR formula provides a long-lasting feeling of protection, even in extreme conditions, while ensuring maximum comfort during exercise.

Safe and Gentle

The cream has been tested for dermatological safety, guaranteeing its effectiveness and safety even for sensitive skin. The safe and fragrance-free composition means that the risk of allergies and irritation is minimised. In addition, the cream's formula is free of artificial fragrances, ensuring pleasant use without the risk of discolouration of clothing.



I have used a lot of different creams, ointments, grandma's and mythological ways read on the web or heard from others. I had the opportunity to test SMARRR and I honestly have to say that it does a fantastic job. I know the process of making this cream. I know that it is the result of the experiences of many riders. Their most important needs in this area were gathered and this wonder was developed to meet those very needs. For me, a solution of the highest quality. And we will certainly ride many thousands of kilometres together.

Aga Wojtala

experienced ultra-cyclist

winner of the Wisła 1200, Great Lakes Gravel

and many others

blogger - baba z korbą

The cream that provides the longest feeling of comfort of any I have used. A silent ally for long bike trips, it effectively protects against chafing and skin irritation.

Dret Morivious

experienced ultra-cyclist

bike mechanic

lokalny warsztat rowerowy ogniwo

Mateusz has already tested the cream and promised to write a review. He's organising the race now, but when he finds a moment the review will appear right here! :)

Mateusz Szafraniec

experienced ultra-cyclist

host od Wataha Ultra Race

smarrr chamois cream jar
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już od 24,99 zł

SMARRR in numbers
  • high efficiency
  • does not discolour clothing
  • reduces friction
  • soothes/alleviates irritation
  • lubricates the skin
  • is easy to wash off with warm, soapy water
  • softens the skin


having perfected our recipe, we submitted it to an independent laboratory to confirm our assumptions. here are the results:


  • forms an occlusive protective layer on the skin to prevent skin damage
  • a feeling of moisturised skin
  • gives a long-lasting feeling of protection, even in difficult conditions
  • gives a feeling of comfort
  • moisturises the skin


  • easy to spread
  • water-resistant
  • conditions the skin
  • helps restore the epidermal barrier
  • gives a feeling of regenerated skin
  • minimises allergies and irritations

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